Expat Safety Tips for Living Abroad

You could walk out your front door and be attacked by a bear, lose your home to a hurricane, or be struck down by illness. Safety is never under our control, no matter where we live. However, as a single person living overseas, you may feel the need for more security than you do in a place you lived your entire life.

The following are tips designed to help you make the expat transition. Many are geared more for females, but does gender matter? No, you can be the best martial artist and still succumb to danger. It will not matter if you are a US expat or someone from Europe. If you choose to live abroad, the tips here can be of help to anyone.

Even if you are offered a job elsewhere by your company, you still need to request time to visit your potential new home. If your business has not already sent you to the destination at least one—make sure they are willing to let you travel there before you say yes to the contract.

You should be able to look around for an apartment, find grocery locations, and understand what is expected of you from the new area. You want to feel safe, be able to walk around and know the transportation options. Doing online searches can be your worst enemy since you will not understand the area in detail. Furthermore, you need to be able to talk and ask questions.

Learn the local customs. For certain areas, being a woman can be dangerous simply because of the customs.
You do not want to do anything you would not do at home. It is easy to think you are abroad and there for a good time, but getting intoxicated not only ruins your professional image it can lead to dangerous situations.
You will want to start making friends right away, but always be careful who you trust. Yes, you can talk with people around you, but do not invite them back to your place. Do not go someplace unfamiliar, and have an emergency strategy, such as the emergency phone numbers for you, always.

Lastly, make certain you keep in constant contact with your friends and family back home. Do not go a week without calling home. Instead, have a plan to contact your family twice a week. The conversations do not need to be long, but you should let someone know you are safe.

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