Fiji: A Divers Paradise and Expat Destination

Fiji offers an island paradise, where scuba diving is perfect. US citizens wish to visit the island for its amazing opportunities, but is it a place for expats? Sure, Fiji is going to be more expensive as a place to live than some of the other island nations, but it can be a place for expats.

You are going to need to apply for the proper visa and work permit to live in Fiji as an expat. There are also some downsides as to what jobs are available to you and whether you can obtain a visa quickly.

US expats or expat will have trouble getting a scuba diving job because instructors are easy to come by; especially with many local citizens working in the tourist industry. The opportunities often presented to expats are for highly skilled positions and teaching jobs. For example, doctors, nurses, and other highly skilled jobs are available. Teaching is also an option for those who can help Fiji citizens learn English.

Tourism is not a place you can usually find a job and obtain a work permit and visa for. Managing a resort is again something local citizens can do; although, occasionally outside sources are brought in for marketing, high-level management, and on short-term work visas.

Anyone who wishes to move and work in Fiji will need a multiple entry visa or MEV. The visa allows you entry for 12 months from the date it is issued, and you cannot exceed four months per visit. A visa is not the same as a work permit. You may have access to enter the country, but you still need a work permit to earn wages.

If you work for a tourism company with a place in Fiji, you can transfer, but still, need a visa and work permit. For retirees, you can use the MEV visa. It allows you entry for living in Fiji for four months, with a small break and returning for another four months, for up to 12 months from the date the visa is issued.

You will need to provide details regarding funds, as you are required to have a certain sum in your bank account. You will also need a return ticket. Living in Fiji is possible as long as you follow the rules of visas, work permits, and entry permission.

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