Greenland and Expats

Greenland is not a place many think about living. The ice that fills most of the country makes it cold and mostly unappealing. Some shows have made jokes about being sent to “Greenland” because it is the worst place to work after having such a top shelf job. Of course, it is just a joke because there are things to recommend Greenland. There are bustling communities where the sun keeps the temperatures warm. Northern lights, quaint villages, and historic structures appeal to tourists. So, what would make someone become an expat in Greenland?
Greenland does not have a formal expat communication system, so there are no clubs, but there are forums you can use to communicate. Denmark is often where expats send their children because of the international schools; however, you can place your children in local schools if you wish.

In 2007, Greenland started publishing an international magazine available in English and Danish. It has subscribers in 29 countries. The website for the magazine has an even farther reach 93 countries.

Greenland is part of Denmark, using the Danish krone for currency and most people speak Greenlandic or Danish. The government offers electricity through their owned energy company called Nukissiorfiit.

Expats can obtain visas and work permits through Denmark. US citizens will need to apply for the appropriate visa and have a work permit to stay in the country. This is different from citizens of Denmark who can enter without any duration limitation.

Travel entry is not meant for long-term residency, so make certain if you plan to live in the country for long that you do so correctly. Greenland also lacks a proper road system in most locations, so travel is dog-sledding, hiking, or kayaking. Health care is also limited, although free, if you have a comprehensive health insurance, you can get medical evacuation and cover most extreme issues that may happen while you are living in Greenland.

So, why would you live in Greenland instead of visiting? Well, most people who travel to Greenland are usually sent by their employers for research. An untouched land is one that tends to bring scientists and other researchers out for years of study. It is not often that teaching or other skill jobs are available, but that does not mean they are not available. For something that may be a once in a lifetime experience, becoming an expat of Denmark and living in Greenland for a while may be the adventure you desire.

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