Bali Top Destination for US Tourists Are Expats Next?

In 2017, with the year in its third quarter, just under 99,000 Americans have traveled to Bali. The number depicts an 18 percent increase for year on year travel to Bali. The figures put the US ahead of South Korea, Germany, Taiwan, and Malaysian visitors despite how close some of the other nations are to the island nation. Bali is often advertising to Australians as the destination, with Southeast Asia and China in the mix for targeted advertisements.

It is the US that continues to flock to the island in high numbers. It is not surprising since celebrities and former presidents also visit the island resort area according to the Central Statistic Agency.

Most often, US tourists favor the Caribbean and South America because it is closer. However, Bali is starting to be a place to go for affordability and fantastic tourist packages.

It may become the next place US expats seek. Bali has plenty to offer expats, particularly, those in retirement. Bali has changed in the last ten years to make it more desirable for expats who want Western conveniences. Ten years ago prices were lower, but it was more of an adventurous destination where the internet was not a top priority and being an outdoor type was a definite help.

Today, supermarkets carry most Western goods, keeping in touch with family back home is easy, and life is developing well for those who seek modernity. If you stay in the major cities, with beaches nearby, you will not be disappointed.

Of course, like any place, some disadvantages may not work for everyone. The tourists probably have it right in visiting Bali is important before deciding to relocate permanently to the area.

You may want to focus on Ubud as an expat location. It offers a lovely place with an artistic vibe, yoga, and laid back lifestyle. South Bali such as Kuta, Canggu, Seminyak, and Jimbaran will bring more traffic. The beach is closer than in Ubud, but you will see more people. Most expats flock to the first two places Ubud or South Bali. There are fewer expats and amenities in North Bali and East Bali.

Affordability wise—Bali is a place that you can fly to from Singapore, spend less of your pension or earnings, and immerse yourself in an accepting culture.

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