Exploring Argentina Visas

Argentina is the land of the Tango, which may be danced suddenly in the streets or around cafes. This charm has led many visitors to Argentina and a significant number of expats to Buenos Aires. Perhaps, we are left with the impression of “Evita” and tango dancing, but there is a lot Argentina has to offer the everyday citizen and US expat.

Starting in 2015, Argentina has undergone a “world” reintegration with reform and new economic offerings. Argentina is plentiful in natural resources, and while a depression has been ongoing until 2015, there is relief being found. Trade is up, and the G-20 will be hosted in 2018 in Argentina.

With the good, there is always a little bad. There are some disputes in the country and some trafficking issues; however, if you live in popular areas it will be safe, and you can enjoy life in Argentina. The cultural sites are stunning.

Entering Argentina for travel is simple for US citizens. You need a valid passport at the time of entry and for six months after you leave. You also need one page for the entry stamp. You are not required to have a visa unless you stay over the 90 day period. Argentina does not need any special vaccinations, and it does not have currency restrictions for entry. However, upon exiting the country, you can only have up to $10,000 in US dollars.

Argentina offers several visas for people who wish to live and work in Argentina. You can obtain permits for artistic, professional or technical activities, temporary residence, business investment, permanent residence, grant travel, and migrant residence. There are fees for the application, which range from $150 to $250, although the costs can change.

You will need to consult the Argentina Consulate and Embassy for proper paperwork and protocol. However, make certain you are applying for the visa in advance, with appropriate time for your application to be reviewed and accepted.

One of the biggest things for Argentina right now is to obtain investments from businesses. In 2015, to help stabilize the economy, investments that would help re-insert the country into the global market were and are continuing to be sought.

Argentina also has recruitment agencies to help expats find jobs in sectors that need specialists. If you have skills the country needs, you will find getting a visa is a little easier than someone with regular skills.

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